The Allen’s Doodles Story

Allen grew up with animals and always enjoyed working with them, especially dogs. In 2012 Allen started breeding Boxers. Before long he fullfilled his childhood dream of owning a Bernese Mountain Dog and brought home his first Bernese female.

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The Bernedoodle Focus

Allen’s focus is on the Bernedoodle. He is currently working with elite males that produce offspring with the sought-after tricolor markings. He recently began breeding for Blue Merle Bernedoodles. Blue Merle is a newer coat option for Bernedoodles. The Blue Merle Bernedoodle coat has a mottled gray and black appearence that creates a bluish tint.


Allen’s breeding dogs have a good personality and are well socialized. Allen’s Doodles puppies make great dogs for families with children. The puppies are in excellent health and condition when the puppy is placed in its new home.

Our Standard Poodle named Tucker is the sire for most of our Standard Bernedoodle puppies. Tucker is an intelligent and well-mannered dog, and we have been pleased with the puppies he has sired.