Allen Is a Doodlemeistro

Allen was very engaging from the moment of my inquiry up until the day I picked up Augie, who Allen originally named Milky Way; one of nine Hershey’s chocolate litter bars. After walking up Allen’s driveway for the first time finally seeing and hearing Augie and his litter mates’ excitement, I knew it was going to be good. At this time, I have had Augie for 2 weeks and he has been the smartest, chillest, and most easy going pup I have ever raised. With determination and repetition, he has learned many commands in one day. It is also abundantly clear that Allen deeply cares and is invested in the animals in his life. He is quick to respond to questions and provides thorough and great feedback on how to further nurture the pups. I can’t wait to get another bernedoodle from Allen.