Our Allen’s Doodles Goldendoodle Scotch just turned four years old today!

My wife Carrie and I are enjoying celebrating Scotch’s 4th birthday today.

She is an incredible dog and everything you hear about Goldendoodles – their friendliness with people (especially children), happy personality and loyal companionship is true to their reputation. She obtained her AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate through a PETCO training course before she turned one year old and has been a joy to have in our household.

We have also been doing volunteer therapy dog work with Scotch. The program is called “Pets on Wheels” here in Maryland and we take her regularly to the local Veterans’ Home, Regional Medical Center, and town library to meet with staff, patients, and plenty of children.

Carrie and I also think that you and your children’s involvement with your litters in terms of caring and interaction with humans is one of many reasons why Scotch turned out the way she has. So, we pass that on as our thanks not only to you, but also your young people at home.