Best Dog Ever!

I had been searching for a reputable breeder of Berndoodles for awhile when I came across Allen’s Doodles on a Google search. After reading reviews, I figured I’d contact him.
Allen is very responsive and helpful, and he was willing to speak over the phone at any time.
The mini BD, Lola, we purchased from Allen is the best dog I’ve ever owned. She has a sweet and playful temperament. She has been so easy to train. Lola was the perfect addition to our family. Our two kids adore her and she loves them right back. There have been no health issues either.
I was concerned about purchasing from a puppy mill, but Allen’s Doodles couldn’t be further from one. It is a clean, spacious and well maintained (small) property. Allen breeds the right way. If you are looking for a Berndoodle, I highly recommend Allen.