Our Testimonials

Dominic Badurski
Abby the bernadoodle
April 17, 2024
Abby is very cute. She is very playful and most of all very loving. If it wasn’t for Allen my 11 year old heart would be gray but Abby the very best of the best bernadoodle has brought me and my whole family lots of love which turns my heart to this 💜 so don’t think to buy a bernadoodle just do it. By the way we got Abby in 2020 and she made Covid a joke in our world
Brenda B
Place the Title Here Also
April 17, 2024
Teddy is from Abby and Tuckers November 2023 litter. She is a happy girl that is eager to please and quick to learn commands, I would certainly recommend Allen’s Doodles to anyone looking to add a Bernadoodle to their family. When we picked her up we were able to meet both Abby and Tucker and it was reassuring to see they were well cared for and friendly. Allen was easy to work with, readily willing to answer questions along the way, and breeds beautiful healthy puppies.

Megan Marcinek
Glenside PA
The perfect dog
April 2, 2024
Allen’s bernedoodles are just beautiful. Even as the 7th pick of the litter, I was able to get the perfect pup. I get so many compliments on Benson’s coloring and markings. It also helps he has a really fun personality as well! I have been loving every second of being a new puppy mom and would recommend Allen’s Doodles to anyone.

Carolyn Hughes
Hanover PA
Perfect Puppy
October 14, 2023
We have had our Molly (nee Keesha) just over a week. She is such a sweet personality. She had already mastered sit and paw at 13 weeks. No accidents at all in her crate. So happy we made the decision to take her home.

Pat Johnson
September 1, 2023
We have had Zhuri for a little over 3 months. She is the friendliest dog we have ever had. When walking her, she must greet every person and every dog. Her energy level is very high and sometimes a bit too much for us to handle (being senior citizens). She is just so loveable, and we love her very much. The only issue is she’s so adorable looking that we can’t walk anywhere without a crowd of people around us wanting to see her and ask what type of dog she is (but that’s a good thing)! Allen was wonderful to work with and we were very impressed by his home and how well the parent dogs and puppies were cared for. We would highly recommend Allen’s Doodles.

JoAnn Trager
We love our Mookie
July 27, 2023
We adopted Mookie in March 2023. He is a standard and now at 6 months old weighs 50 lbs. He is happy, healthy and has a wonderful temperament, thanks to Allen and the care and attention he gives to his dogs and pups.
Allen has always responded whenever we reached out. He also said he would be helpful any time if we need anything. I felt very comfortable dealing with him.

Daivd and Erica DeSimone
Simply the Best!
June 2, 2023
We picked up our newest member to our family on May 17th 2023. Allen’s Doodles is truly the best! Allen was wonderful to work with. He was kind, quickly responded to any questions, very thorough and passionate. Our family truly has the best addition! Gelato is so loving, has a great temperament, smart and full of life! Even our vet was impressed with how detail oriented Allen was by the paperwork he sent us home with for our mini bernedoodle. We are completely obsessed and in love with our fur baby! We are so grateful to have worked with Allen!

Deirdre Garner
Puppy Love at First Sight
June 2, 2023
From the moment I saw Rocco (originally Ben from Kelly and Tucker’s December 2022 litter) it was love at first sight. He is a wonderful puppy with an even tempered personality who loves everything-kids, adults of all ages, dogs and even cats. It is so much fun to watch him walk in the woods and to take him shopping. He sits in a shopping cart and he receives quite a bit of attention with compliments on his beautiful markings, big feet and charming personality. It has been amazing to watch this sweet little guy grow from 14 lbs at 8 weeks old to 62 lbs at 5 months old. If you are looking for an awesome puppy, I highly recommend Allen’s Doodles.

Debra Skultety-Robinson
Dundalk MD
March 25, 2023

Our Murphy is by far the best puppy ever. You can tell he is bred with love. Has the best temperament and sweet! We loved dealing with Allen’s Doodles.

Donna Rabinowitz
Columbia MD
Family is Complete! 😁
February 23, 2023
The whole process went smoothly! Allen has the most wonderful dogs!
All of the dogs were lovely! The pups were absolutely adorable!
Our little Dakota is the sweetest, smartest and happy puppy! Her personality has blossomed into a literal “fur ball of fun!”. She has kept us on our toes! 
Thank you so much for helping to complete our family! She has totally changed the mood in our home for the best!
We look forward to many wonderful and happy years ahead of us!
Thank you! 

Kim Lee
Millie 2 years old
February 9, 2023

Millie is doing wonderful. We picked her up in the beginning of April 2 years ago and she has been a joy. Millie is goofy, smart, lovable, and a 90lb lap dog. She loves to snuggle too! Millie is Molly’s first litter with Tucker and she has been a wonderful delight. Awesome experience with Allens Doodles. 

Betsy McGrath
January 5, 2023

Our precious Sasha! She is now a year and a half, and we are thrilled to have her as part of our family. She is smart, loving, healthy, vigorous, and eye candy! She loves the car and has a boyfriend! We are so grateful to Allen for his expertise and input.

Morgan and James Hamilton
Dover PA
Daisy girl
January 4, 2023
We picked up our Daisy girl December 2nd. She is sweet, loving and overall the best dog. Allen was available to answer all of our questions even after we picked her up. Daisy is 12 weeks old now and loves people! She’s in puppy pre k and has a trainer. We were told that she is very advanced for her age. Allen has done a great job at socializing his puppies at an early age, it really makes a difference. Thank you Allen for our fur baby!

Dana Ahern
Pennsburg, PA
In love with our Bernedoodle
December 2, 2022
We picked up our Stevie girl from Allen the end of October. He was wonderful to work with. His dogs are beautiful and very well taken care of. He has two young children who play with the puppies which makes for very well socialized dogs. Stevie came to us with her first round of vaccines, microchipped, happy and healthy with a health guarantee. She’s been very easy to train and has an amazing temperament. She loves people and other dogs so much. We would recommend Allen to anyone looking for a Bernedoodle.

Sara Coffey
Best Dog Ever!
October 19, 2022

I had been searching for a reputable breeder of Berndoodles for awhile when I came across Allen’s Doodles on a Google search. After reading reviews, I figured I’d contact him.
Allen is very responsive and helpful, and he was willing to speak over the phone at any time.
The mini BD, Lola, we purchased from Allen is the best dog I’ve ever owned. She has a sweet and playful temperament. She has been so easy to train. Lola was the perfect addition to our family. Our two kids adore her and she loves them right back. There have been no health issues either.
I was concerned about purchasing from a puppy mill, but Allen’s Doodles couldn’t be further from one. It is a clean, spacious and well maintained (small) property. Allen breeds the right way. If you are looking for a Berndoodle, I highly recommend Allen.

Peggy Reed
September 8, 2022
This is doozey. We got her from Allen back in April. She is from Cindy & diamond. She’s very loving, & very smart. She housebroken in 4 months. We are happy with her. She has a beautiful coat, no shedding & grooms wonderful. Very healthy. Thank you, Allen, for her.

Alexis Coffey
Murphy in Maine!
September 8, 2022

Meet Murphy, originally “Norville” from Shiloh and Tucker’s June 2021 litter.
We wanted for a big dog, we got a big dog. A little over a year and Murphy is over 100lbs. The definition of a gentile giant, he is overwhelmingly loving, and extremely loyal. He definitely has a lot of “Berner” traits—being stubborn and lazy, but very eager to learn like a poodle. He has yet to meet a dog he doesn’t love, and has never shown an ounce of aggression. We are very happy with our pup and highly recommend Allen’s doodles.


Rob and Carrie Reilly
Our Allen's Doodles Goldendoodle Scotch just turned four years old today!
July 26, 2022

My wife Carrie and I are enjoying celebrating Scotch’s 4th birthday today.

She is an incredible dog and everything you hear about Goldendoodles – their friendliness with people (especially children), happy personality and loyal companionship is true to their reputation. She obtained her AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate through a PETCO training course before she turned one year old and has been a joy to have in our household.

We have also been doing volunteer therapy dog work with Scotch. The program is called “Pets on Wheels” here in Maryland and we take her regularly to the local Veterans’ Home, Regional Medical Center, and town library to meet with staff, patients, and plenty of children.

Carrie and I also think that you and your children’s involvement with your litters in terms of caring and interaction with humans is one of many reasons why Scotch turned out the way she has. So, we pass that on as our thanks not only to you, but also your young people at home.

Anne Miller
York, PA
Great Pups from a Great Breeder
March 4, 2022

Our big boy Andy (Newton, from Shiloh and Tuckers June 4 2021 litter) quickly took a big spot in our hearts, and our house! We wanted a big boy, and we got one! (90lbs at 8 months old) He loves everyone he meets (humans and dogs), learns quickly, and is the most popular guy in the neighborhood. He does have a stubborn streak, and is pretty obsessed with socks, but you can’t expect perfection! 🤣 We had a great experience with Allen’s Doodles and whole-heartedly recommend him.

Janine Murphy
Selden , NY
Highly Recommend Allens Doodles
February 1, 2022

We picked up our be puppy Tucker this past November 2021. He was from Molly and Tuckers litter. He is beautiful and happy. Allen was honest and helpful from our first commuication. Allen is always there to help and answer your questions. The property and his dogs are well taken care of. We highly recommend Allens Doodles as a good breeder and good dogs for your next pet. Our Tucker has the classic tri colors of the Bernese Mountain

default image
Jacki F.
North Huntingdon, PA
Allen is the best!
January 14, 2022

Allen was so wonderful to work with. He was in constant communication, and he truly loves and cares for his dogs! I recommend him to anyone!

Robert Videc
Ringwood, NJ
Thank you Allen
January 13, 2022

Willow (Turtle Dove) has been a wonderful addition to our family and just wanted to thank Allen for breeding a healthy, very intelligent, loving dog. Allen was great through the entire process and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a bernedoodle.

Jenna Marcus
Maple Glen, PA
Love Our Bernedoodle
January 8, 2022

We got our Bernedoodle, Phoebe, when she was 10 weeks old from Allen. Her parents are Skipper and Daisy. She is the goofiest and best dog ever!

Brittany Caceres
Arlington, Virginia
January 1, 2022

We had a terrific experience with Allen! We picked up a Mini Bernedoodle the week before Christmas and we could not be happier! Allen was great, he helped answer any questions we had along the way and walked us through each step of the process. All of the puppies are so smart and so well behaved! We love our Gigi.

David Schappe
Camp Hill, PA
Allen Is a Doodlemeistro
October 23, 2021

Allen was very engaging from the moment of my inquiry up until the day I picked up Augie, who Allen originally named Milky Way; one of nine Hershey’s chocolate litter bars. After walking up Allen’s driveway for the first time finally seeing and hearing Augie and his litter mates’ excitement, I knew it was going to be good. At this time, I have had Augie for 2 weeks and he has been the smartest, chillest, and most easy going pup I have ever raised. With determination and repetition, he has learned many commands in one day. It is also abundantly clear that Allen deeply cares and is invested in the animals in his life. He is quick to respond to questions and provides thorough and great feedback on how to further nurture the pups. I can’t wait to get another bernedoodle from Allen.

Ashley Copertino
St. James, NY
Our new family member!
September 4, 2021

Allen was great to work with. Our puppy we took home in March/April 2021 is the most wonderful dog! Its amazing what Allen does to get them started on potty training. I don’t think our puppy had more than one accident once he figured out where the grass was! So amazing to watch him grow, and even with his puppy energy he has the best temperament and loyalty to us, couldn’t imagine any other dog for us! Thanks Allen!

Jenn Heller
Reston, VA
Great experience, strongly recommend Allen's Doodles
August 9, 2021

We had such a positive experience with Allen’s Doodles, and could not be happier with our new pup Dex, formerly M1 Stone. He was a part of Ashley’s litter with Diamond, resulting in his beautiful Merle coat. We’ve had Dex 6 weeks and he’s already a wonderful addition to the family. He’s learning manners fairly quickly, and is so affectionate. Our biggest problem with Dex is that he’s so cute, he literally stops traffic! Allen was very helpful answering all my questions, and was accommodating with his schedule during a very busy week for him. His care for the dogs is evident, and his knowledge also. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone (and already have to anyone who has inquired, so definitely jump on the wait list!)

Sarah Harding
Boston, MA
July 7, 2021

We could not be happier with our experience at Allen’s Doodles. We brought our girl Zoe home from Lilly and Tucker’s February 2021 litter. She is happy, healthy and the best addition to our family. Thank you Allen.

Amanda Russo
Commack, NY
Lola- The Best Dog Ever!
June 30, 2021

Allen went beyond our expectations throughout the entire adoption process. We had a million questions and Allen had a million answers for us! Lola (Lilly and Tucker) is the absolute best dog. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion for our kids to grow up with. She is truly a third child. She is gentle with the kids and also very protective of them. A gentle giant. Thank you Allen for everything!

default image
Heidi Mintzer
Bloomsburg, PA
So pleased with our Bernedoodle!
June 25, 2021

We picked up Finley (previously Sedona) a few days ago and she is such a pleasure! She is from Ashley’s litter and is a Blue Merle Bernedoodle and has beautiful markings! Finley was so healthy when we picked her up! Such a great dog and such a great breeder! I definitely recommend Allens Doodles to anyone looking for a new fluffy friend!

default image
West Windsor, NJ
Thank you, Allen
June 5, 2021

Allen, thank you. We picked up our puppy yesterday and she is wonderful. You made the entire process so easy always answering my questions right away whether it be a phone call, email, or text. Her temperament is easygoing, playful and very loving. The facilities are beautiful and I can tell you really love your dogs and other animals. You were a pleasure to work with and as we said, we’ll keep in touch. I very highly recommend Allen’s Doodles to anybody considering a beautiful new family member.

Courtney Calacione
Waldwick, NJ
Great dog, great breeder!
May 19, 2021

We picked up Herman (aka Mikey) on 4/1. He was from the Molly/Tucker litter born on 2/4. Allen was fabulous to work with. He was so kind, helpful, and patient answering all of my questions. Herman has been fabulous from the minute we picked him out! He has the best temperament, he’s so smart, and he’s gorgeous! We get so many compliments on how handsome he is! We love him so much — he has been the best addition to our family! Thank you Allen for giving us the greatest puppy ever!

Sarah Page
Nashua, NH
Meant to be!
May 12, 2021

We had been in contact with Allen’s Doodles for a few months, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the litter we had a deposit on for June pickup. We recently became aware that Allen had a little lady that hadn’t been adopted from the last litter and her name had significance for us. We felt it was a sign and adopted her. Allen was great, he facilitated her transportation to our home in NH in just a few days and our Liffey is a LOVE. Her temperament is amazing, she’s easy going, sleeping through the night in her crate and is really well house trained for such a little pup! We are so pleased with this “little” addition to our family and highly recommend Allen’s Doodles

Juliet Korch
New Cumberland, PA
December 12, 2020

We love our pup Axel (Ashley and Champ’s 4/27/20 litter)! We’ve had our pup for almost 6 months and he is a wonderful addition to our family! He is so playful and loves people and other dogs! Allen’s love for his dogs is evident in the excellent care he gives them! Allen went above and beyond to communicate with us throughout the puppy adoption process! We highly recommend Allen’s Doodles for your next dog!

Chris Razzano
Los Angeles, CA
Ari - Mini Bernedoodle
November 18, 2020

 I got Ari (previously “Skyler”) in May 2020. Allen was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. As a first time dog owner, I had plenty of questions that Allen was always happy to answer. He was also incredible in helping get my puppy across the country in the midst of all the travel restrictions for puppies during the early days of the COVID shutdowns and restrictions. I’ve recommended several other people to Allen and will continue to do so if they’re looking for a dog.

Nancy Denizkurt
South Weymouth , MA
Sadie (Dixie when we picked her)
October 14, 2020

Sadie is one of Daisy and Tucker’s puppies born on 5/1/20. She is smart, happy, energetic and healthy. She is so friendly and plays well with other dogs. We love our wonderful addition to the family! It was a pleasure working with Allen. He is a great communicator and made the process easy. We highly recommend Allens Doodles.

Jennifer Duemmel
Bel Air, MD
We love our Doodle!
April 8, 2020

Our sweet girl Lily is one of Daisy’s 11/9/19 puppies. She is so smart, happy, loving, and healthy. Allen was wonderful to work with, and we are very thankful for this special addition to our family!

Thank you
February 27, 2020

Our experience was awesome. I am extremely grateful to Jill for all she did for my family and me. We had been scammed by a so-called breeder online. They took our money and didn’t deliver the puppy. We had given up hope until we found Jill. She was kind and understanding and guided us through the whole process. I would text her with tons of questions and concerns. She would reply in a timely manner. We’re in Southern California so we had a lot of questions. How do we pay? How will we get him? She explained that the puppy would be delivered to us. About a week later we picked up our puppy at Burbank Airport. The process was easy and fast. Thank you Jill. He is a great addition to our family.

Laura Gurreri
Seneca, SC
Thank You Allen's Doodles
February 20, 2020

Thank you for giving us an amazing new family member! Adelaide is not only beautiful, but confident, loving, healthy, and just so darn happy!

Kathleen Colligan
Long Valley, NJ
We love Moose!!
January 15, 2020

“Lester,” now known as Moose, joined our family on December 20th! What a wonderful Christmas gift to our family. He is an amazing dog. Healthy, wonderful temperament, and the cutest thing you’ve ever want to see! Thank you Allen for giving us such an incredible new family member!!!

Margie Kreider
Manheim, PA
December 30, 2019

We picked up our mini bernedoodle yesterday and Tucker is amazing! Allen is a great breeder, he thoroughly explains everything and you can tell he really loves all of his dogs and puppies! He is great to communicate with! I would highly recommend him! He starts the pups on potty training which has been a huge blessing even having Tucker only one day! I will give another update as he grows!

Larry and Janice Jones
Jeb and Leila
September 11, 2019

We loved our experience with Allen’s Doodles! Our now 7 month old puppies, Jeb, a Bernedoodle, and Leila, a Goldendoodle, have brought nothing but happiness to our entire family. They are the friendliest puppies we have ever met! Clearly, Allen and his kids do a wonderful job caring for and nurturing such friendly and outgoing personalities.

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